So What Is "Une Chanson d'Amour"?

Set during the dirty 30's "Une Chanson d'Amour" (French for "A Love Song") is a blues-opera told in 3 acts and 13 songs, telling the legendary tale of bluesman Amadeo L. Gauthier and his rise to stardom as blues-poet extraordinaire.

Spanning a period of 10 years (from 1927 to 1937) this story chronicles the events leading upto Amadeo L. Gauthier's release from a southern chain-gang and the d├ębut of his masterpiece "Une Chanson d'Amour" itself, telling his story of a murder in a Parisian speakeasy, an enduring quest for freedom, a dangerous deal made with the Devil at a Crossroads in Mississippi, and his eventual lost love and triumphant though embittered rise to fame.

"Une Chanson d'Amour" is currently released as an album with an accompanying book. Stay tuned for the hour long "shortfilm" and the launch of the theatrical version!

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Amadeo L. Gauthier's - Une Chanson d'Amour

First video trailer for Amadeo L. Gauthier's - Une Chanson d'Amour. Featuring Amadeo L. Gauthier, Tom "The Suit" Forst", and Erika Dyer.

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